The company "Vital Investments" Ltd. mostly specializes in realization of the projects in development and introduction of software and hardware complexes fulfilling the tasks of information gathering, processing, and storage for universal and specialized monitoring systems that control physical and economic targets and playgrounds of wide range of application.

The company’s customers are the largest operators and also some producers of the gambling business interested in creation of systems which will guarantee control and online monitoring the condition of playing machines and playgrounds of the gambling business.

The specialists of the company "Vital Investments" Ltd. have a rich experience in systems installation in various parts of the world which is proved by successful projects in such countries as Colombia, Peru, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, and the Ukraine. One of the latest installations was successfully held in Mexico’s casinos.

"Vital Investments" Ltd. is a dynamic and fast developing company. With the shortest possible delay we managed to realize and introduce in the market a new version of our main product — online system ACE Gaming System which has already been generally recognized among the professionals of the gambling industry.

Such development speed of our company is impossible without a team of highly qualified specialists who are the most valuable asset of the company and have a many-year experience in realization of IT projects in the gambling industry and other branches of the national economy.